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I grew up on a hog farm in Holland, Michigan. While it taught me the value of hard work, I felt the need to explore a more creative calling. I originally moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just to attend The Art Institute. But thanks to meeting my beautiful wife Monica and having the opportunity to jump right into the creative industry here, I decided to stay. I have degrees in both Computer Animation / Multimedia as well as Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, but am completely self-taught in Photography.

I bring a refreshingly unique style and personality to the world of portrait photography. I am also a freelance artist specializing in Motion Graphics, Editing, and Cinematography. I take all that artistic knowledge, and apply it to my photography, creating visually interesting photographs that combine all of my creative background and imagination.

I view my photography as an always-improving endeavor. I continually push to outdo myself and amaze even those closest to me.

Oh, and my last name is pronounced "Zoot", and literally translates to "sweet" in Dutch.